The Little Wizard: Guardian of the Magic Crystals

Animation, Family | 84 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Starring: Stan Bernstein, Megan Blake, Beth Bostic, Derek Cernak, Ray Collins, Chirie Dautel, Betsy Hamilton, Geoffrey Holder, Gene Johnson, Lee Strickland, Ashley Summerrow, Debra Terry
  • Director: John Cernak, Danny Oakley
  • Language: English
  • Ratings: Not Rated
  • Released: 2012

Movie Synopsis

Once upon a time in a land far away …

An enchanted adventure through a fantastical world of dragons, wizards and magic crystals in a breathtaking fantasy for the entire family.

To protect all precious life, a kind magistical wizard weaves a spell granting immortality to the last remaining creature of every type.

But a powerful Drakken utilizes the spell for her own evil ambition to rule the world and begins eliminating all other Drakkens who might challenge her … until the only one remaining is a helpless cub named Knot. In a fierce battle, the magistical wizard turns the terrible Drakken to stone … but is terribly weakened and forced to entrust the timid and insecure Foible to become The Little Wizard.

Now the last remaining sorcerer, the reluctant Foible has a big hat to fill—tasked with protecting Knot, defending the world and safeguarding the magic crystals that could free the evil Drakken. With Knot by his side, he must find the courage to believe in himself and the wisdom to learn the magistical ways that will keep them all from danger.

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