American Addict

Documentaries | 90 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Starring: Gregory A. Smith, MD, Jon Rappaport, Todd Boyd, PHD, Mitch Jensen, Dennis Kacinich
  • Director: Sasha Knezev
  • Language: English
  • Ratings: Unrated
  • Released: 2013

Movie Synopsis

AMERICAN ADDICT unveils the industry of legal drug addiction in the USA. The home of the “war on drugs” is 5% of world population yet consumes 80% of prescription narcotics.

AMERICAN ADDICT reveals the connections between government regulators, big pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and the media. Together they reinforce treatment through prescribed medication. At the street level the trade is only distinguished from its illegal cousin by white coats, signage, and legal sanction. The consequences are a well worn path of overuse, abuse, and death. In the style of the “Inside Job” and “Food, Inc.” American Addict exposes a shocking hypocrisy most are unaware even exists. For those whose loved ones or own lives are saved, AMERICAN ADDICT will surely be the most important film they ever see.

Movie Trailer