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We believe that independent filmmakers are storytellers who are motivated by their love of cinema, their stories are entertaining, honest, spiritually rewarding and speak to the soul.

We believe these filmmakers should have easy, open access with no gatekeepers to a platform that supports their creative freedom in which they are able to share their stories and opinions freely and have a chance to be discovered and supported by people who share their passion and who love cinema and the arts.


FlixHouse offers a selection of movies, documentaries, short films, movie trailers and behind the scenes footage to enjoy for free with our ad-supported service.

In addition FlixHouse offers viewers two other options, monthly subscription and movie rental service with no in-player ads.

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Our goal is to provide a service unparalleled that both our viewers and content providers love, as we pursue this goal we continue to create amazing experiences that celebrate the best of entertainment and technology.

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FlixHouse is focused on providing our viewers an enjoyable experience as they visit our website and use our service.

  • Our service does not require any software download.
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