Monthly Subscriptions

  • Unlimited streaming of all our movies
  • Click on the Subscribe link in the navigation bar and you will be directed to the Subscription page
  • Or select the title you would like to watch by clicking on the cover art for that title and you will be directed to the Subscription page
  • Click on Signup Now to proceed to the Cart page to verify your subscription and to proceed to Checkout 
  • Create an account on the Checkout page by entering a user name, password, and email address
  • Choose a payment option, we accept credit and debit cards, and PayPal
  • Enter your billing name and contact info
  • Enter your payment card info
  • Read and check the box to Agree to the Sign Up Terms & Conditions
  • Click on the Signup Now button to complete your subscription
  • You will be directed to you account page to view your details

That’s it now you can enjoy all our movies anytime and as many times you wish.

Just browse to any title you wish to watch and click the play button, that will open the player page for you to begin watching.


For PayPal Payment:

  • You will be directed to the PayPal website payment page where you can use your PayPal account if you have one
  • Or create a new account by filling out the information requested on that page
  • You can pay on PayPal using a credit card as well
  • After payment you will be redirected to the FlixHouse website
  • Browse and start watching


Thank you and we appreciate you being our valued member; we hope you enjoy your experience with us and that you tell your friends and family members to check us out.


Frequently Asked Questions