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We believe that independent filmmakers are storytellers who are motivated by their love of cinema, their stories are entertaining, honest, spiritually rewarding and speak to the soul.

We believe these filmmakers should have easy, open access with no gatekeepers to a platform that supports their creative freedom in which they are able to share their stories and opinions freely and have a chance to be discovered and supported by people who share their passion and who love cinema and the arts.

We are unique in comparison to other platforms, we rely on the support of people who love independent film and champion the filmmakers who create them.


Tony Kandah, our founder, fell in love with the movies at the age of four when his mother took him to see “The Sound of Music”. That day Tony was hooked. Growing up, he only had one dream - making movies. At the age of 18, Tony migrated from Jerusalem to America to follow his dream. He worked his way up from being a production assistant on Hollywood movie sets to producing his own films.


The FlixHouse vision carries on Tony's dream to bring quality movies to people everywhere in the hopes of touching their lives - to inspire them to dream in the same way movies inspired him.

We thank you for your support.

Tony Kandah

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